FairWind Energy Team Members

<center><b>Mike Wnterhalter</center></b>
Mike Wnterhalter
President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
Mr. Winterhalter has over 25 years experience in the composites industry with notable tenures that include President of AmpStar, LLC (Harbor City, CA) and VP of Business Development for W. Brandt Goldsworthy & Associates (Los Angeles, CA). He holds 2 patents (with an additional 1 in pending status); one for design of high voltage overhead transmission conductors utilizing a high strength composite central strength member and another for a novel manufacturing method for composite power poles. Mr. WInterhalter graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara
<center><b>Scott Thomas</center></b>
Scott Thomas
Vice President and Secretary, Director
Mr. Thomas has over 25 years experience in industrial/technical sales and product development. He is currently a Regional Director of Donaldson Company Inc., an S&P Midcap-400 corporation that specializes in engineered filtration products and ‘green’ solutions for industry. Mr. Thomas graduated from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) San Luis Obispo.
<center><b>Martin Wang</center></b>
Martin Wang
Vice President - Asian Operations
A graduate of Beijing University in 1983, Martin C. Wang later studied macroeconomics at University of Munich in Germany. Since 1999 Mr. Wang has been involved in the reinforced composites industry and successfully introduced composite reinforced overhead transmission conductors and support towers to the People’s Republic of China. He owns two inventor patents and two utility patents. Mr. Martin Wang has successfully established 3 Join Venture Companies in China. His extensive experience and relationships with Chinese corporations, governmental ministries and technical institutes is a unique asset.
<center><b>Eric Krogius</center></b>
Eric Krogius
Mr. Krogius has over 18 years experience in the equity investment and securities industry. In the mid 90’s he was Managing Director, Director of Trading for Roth Capital Partners. Most recently a Partner of 13 years for Los Angeles based Crowell Weedon and Company. Prior to his securities career he owned and operated a string of retail stores in the Los Angeles area. Mr. Krogius graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles.
<center><b>Robert Drust</center></b>
Robert Drust
Mr. Drust has over 20 years experience in the equity investment and trading industry. Starting in the early 1990’s, he worked at Wertheim Schroder, Prudential Securities and later at Wellington Management. Most recently as a partner at Crowell Weedon, he was in charge of the Institutional Equity Trading Department and dealt with some of the largest Mutual funds and Hedge funds in the country. Mr. Drust graduated from Rider University and holds a MBA from Pepperdine.