The Company:

FairWind Energy (FWDR), a Nevada corporation, specializes in composite design, engineering and manufacturing. Focusing on clean energy, infrastructure and the Oil & Gas Industry, FairWind Energy is positioned to provide products that will increase efficiency in both markets. By focusing on clean energy, FairWind Energy will provide products focusing on Hybrid Power Generation combining wind and solar output into our products. With current conditions requiring the Oil and Gas Industry to drill deeper and in harsher environments, equipment in the industry is being tested to its mechanical limits. FairWind Energy will provide the market with high performance composite products to supply down well equipment.

Our Vision:

FairWind Energy is dedicated to providing industries with products designed and made from high-performance composites rather than products made from conventional building materials. FairWind Energy proves this offers significantly improved properties. These improved properties combine high performance resin systems with lightweight and high strength reinforcements. FairWind Energy uses superior manufacturing techniques such as pultrusion, filament winding and resin infusion to create superior strength and performance parts with better life-cycle value and BETTER RESULTS!